Child CPR

There’s nothing that incites panic worse in a parent than their child succumbing to a hazard. When a child is found not breathing or otherwise unresponsive, not knowing how to react can be just as dangerous as the hazard itself.

This is a scenario where CPR certification for child CPR can make all the difference. If a neighbor’s child or even your own child has been injured or is not breathing, child CPR can help them recover from debilitating hazards such as choking, drowning, lack of oxygen, poisoning, or seizing.

While calling medical professionals should be a high priority, acting on your own and performing child CPR quickly and adequately can save a child’s life.

Why Learn Child CPR?

As stated, the benefits of knowing child CPR are far greater than not knowing it. If you could help in an emergency, wouldn’t you do everything you could to help?

However, performing CPR on a child has many differences from adult CPR. As you must accommodate for a child’s smaller body size, so you must practice slightly different techniques for CPR on a child.

When a child’s life is endangered by a choking hazard, you can’t afford to not know what to do. All it takes is having the right classes to learn CPR on a child. Our courses follow strict OSHA and American Heart Association guidelines to the letter, preparing you to perform CPR on a child in the most efficient and correct way.

Who Needs to Learn Child CPR?

Childcare careers continue to make an impact on people’s lives. Many jobs in this field often require you to know Pediatric CPR. But even if you are a continuing practitioner, you must acquire CPR recertification every two years to stay up-to-date.

You need child CPR if you work or are going to work in any of the following fields:

·         Public and Private Schools

·         Hospitals and other Healthcare Facilities

·         Home Health Agencies

·         Daycare & Childcare Centers

·         Adoptive and Foster Care Agencies

Luckily, SimpleCPR can help you fulfill your job requirements. Over 99% of those who receive certification from our CPR classes online get accepted by their organizations, giving you the perfect opportunity to learn at your own pace. You will learn how to assess and respond to a situation, as well as how to use professional equipment for CPR child use.

Now’s the perfect time to learn how to perform CPR on a child. Take one of our classes and learn everything you need for your childcare job, or just for the lifesaving knowledge it brings.

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