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First Aid Courses Online

Do you need first aid certification but can’t find the time? Are you looking to learn lifesaving skills but can’t afford to take classes for everything you need?

Whether you need training to meet your job’s requirements or are just looking to increase your safety education skills, first aid courses online from SimpleCPR can be the answer you’ve been looking for. Featuring affordable courses and reasonable course lengths, you can be on your way to being prepared for any emergency in no time!

We offer nationally accredited first aid courses online which meets guidelines for OSHA, the American Heart Association, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, and Canada OH&S.

How Do First Aid Courses Online Differ from Hands-On Courses?

Online or in-class—what will work best for you? Well, if you suffer from a busy work schedule and not enough free time, online classes can be a major boon to you.

From CPR and first aid training to Basic Life Support, SimpleCPR’s online courses let you learn what you need without having to attend multiple training seminars. A first aid online course not only lets you take the course from home after a busy work day but also lets you learn at your own pace. And averaging at 60 minutes per course, you can spread out the course at your leisure into measurable chunks of time.

You can even bundle a first aid online course with a number of other courses to save you money and teach you essential safety skills. When it comes down to confronting an emergency, you’ll be prepared to step in and make a difference.

How Else Can I Benefit from a First Aid Online Course?

First aid training online gets you much more than simply convenience. While having more time on your hands (and money in your pocket) more than pays for the courses themselves, they provide you with a variety of other benefits:

·         Easy CPR and first aid recertification

·         First aid and CPR for children, infants

·         Risk-free 14-day money back guarantee

You can apply the skills learned in our first aid online course in a variety of environments, from medical facilities to fitness clubs and even daycares. And with accreditation in both the US and Canada, you’ll be on your way to fulfilling your job’s every requirement. You’ll also be prepared to meet any emergency with a levelheaded demeanor and the skills to provide emergency measures.

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