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How To Renew CPR Certification - CPR Recertification

Your Online CPR certification won’t last forever. In fact, you must get CPR recertification every two years. This may seem like a hassle, but getting CPR recertification means you are actually taking great lengths to provide the very best safety you can.

But why get CPR recertification from SimpleCPR?

At SimpleCPR, our job is to ensure that you're ready to provide emergency CPR care wherever you may be. Whether you’re on work premises, on the sidewalk, or in the wilderness, we want you to have all the knowledge and skills to promote health and safety, and ultimately, save someone’s life

Like our other CPR and first aid training courses,we offer online CPR recertification which combines the best of both worlds to get you on your way to becoming reacquainted with these essential skills. Not only will you learn everything you could learn from hands-on sessions, which may take weeks to complete, but you will also learn them from the comfort of your own home. And because you take the CPR recertification course at your own pace, that’s more than worth putting in the extra effort every two years.

With Simple CPR, you can get online CPR recertification in 60 minutes or less. Our CPR online training can meet your needs no matter if you feel confident, out of practice, or rusty with your CPR knowledge. 98% of those who take our online CPR recertification tests pass on the first try, and even if you don’t pass you have unlimited chances until you do! You’ll have online CPR recertification in no time!

In order to provide you with the most current health information, we’ve designed our CPR recertification courses under the latest OSHA-approved and American Health Association guidelines. Our courses are designed to ensure you don’t potentially endanger others by going into an emergency with outdated info. You need to have the most up-to-date skills, and you can learn them from SimpleCPR’s online CPR recertification. Whether your job requires you to get reinstated with CPR recertification, or you simply want to be prepared in case of emergency, getting recertified is fast, easy, and convenient.

If you want a great alternative to attending long classes which may rush your progress, SimpleCPR’s CPR recertification online courses can work for you.

Our CPR and first aid certification courses qualify you for all your CPR online recertification needs. When you're ready to take the next life-saving step, simply sign up for one of our online courses, and you’re on your way to renewing your life-saving skills!

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